Let me get you on the road to independence                 


Susan Miller is a Grade A instructor based in East Kilbride and provides driving lessons in the East Kilbride area.

Taking your driving lessons with Susan will help you pass your test quickly and easily with a structured course tailored to your needs and requirements.

You will benefit from this method of learning to drive which will help you to become a safe, responsible and efficient driver in as short a time as possible. You will find your time with Susan to be challenging yet supportive, moving along at a pace that you feel happy with.

Call 07905 693362 now for details of how we can help you to pass your test and become truly independent!

Reasons for choosing Susan,

and get all this...

  • FREE Theory practise and mock tests online with THEORY TEST PRO
  • Free course handouts - learn faster by learning between lessons
  • Your choice of lesson length: 60 minutes, 90 minutes or 120 minutes.
  • Free, flexible pick up and drop off 
  • Dedicated one-to-one tuition
  • Discounts for block bookings
  • Dual controlled car for your safety

You can also benefit from...

  • Pass Plus courses to further improve your skills after you pass and reduce your insurance costs
  • Motorway lessons for maximum safety and confidence
  • Gift vouchers - the ideal Christmas or birthday present for those hard to buy for teenagers!

Call 07905 693362 now for further details.

Pass your test with Susan Miller School of Motoring 

Not only will you be well on the road to passing your test, but you'll become a confident, responsible and economic driver, saving you £££s over the course of your driving career.

Various routes will be taken, helping you to gain as much experience as possible before you take your test. When test day comes around you'll be ready for anything and confident that you have all the necessary skills and experience.


Call now on 07905 693362  and start on the road to success.